It is an enterprise that focusing on the research, development and manufacturing catering equipment.

Owns a brand called Germany Deutstandard, under this brand, the products are with high quality, elegant and well design. Since 2006,we have focused on the research and development of German kitchen machinery, and have constantly explored the craft and design style with European businessmen. The performance and appearance of products are welcomed by overseas customers.

We have over ten years experience of OEM for European brand, professional R&D team, strong digital control machine tools for production, and a young sales team for good service.

Germany Deutstandard has more than 1000 kinds of products: German Waffle, Dutch Waffle, Belgian Waffle, Pizza, Floating Cheese Egg Tart, Spanish Latin Fruit Machine, Ice Cream Bream Fish Burner, American Automatic donut machine, Hong Kong Egg bubble waffle Burner, Hot Jam Pump, Middle East Chocolate Preservation Pump, Canadian Fish Cake Machine, Canadian Christmas Tree Waffle Machine, Muffin Hot Dog Stick Waffle Machine, Heart-shaped Crispy Cake Oven, German Crepe Machine, Fish Ball Oven, Frying Oven, Tricolor Ice Cream Oven,Ice Maker, Middle East Barbecue Oven, Noodle Oven, Chocolate Fountain Machine, Chocolate Melting Machine, Smokeless Baking Oven, Preservation Cabinet, Food Warmer,food showcase, German Grill, Chimney cake oven , Ice Cream Machine, and supporting equipment and tools.

The company is located in Taihe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.It is near to Longgui station Metro Line 3 Exit B1, 3 stations away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Welcome friends from domestic and abroad to visit our company. Absorb new ideas, strictly control the quality, express ideas with industrial products, provide new power to new consumption, new change!

Germany Deutstandard, one of your best choices for buying waffle machine.

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